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Manual Knife Gate Valves

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"Aryan Enterprises" Knife gate valves are linear shut off valves that are light weight with compact construction. Valves are available as manual with handwheel, or can be automated with pneumatic cylinder actuator for remote operation. The arc shape of the gate of our knife gate valve is designed to be particularly suitable for cutting off fluid containing fiber or suspended particles, so the knife gate valves are ideal for many applications in the process industries of Pulp & Paper, Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Sugar Mills, and Chemical Processing.

  • Size: 2" to 24"
  • Body MOC: WCB, CF8, CF3, CF8M(Special on Request)
  • Trim MOC: CF8, CF3, CF8M, CF3M (Special on Request)
  • Seat MOC: PTFEE, GFT, PEK (Special on Request)
  • Single Piece Cast Body
  • Uni-Directional Valve / Bi-Directional Valve
  • Metal / Resilient seating
  • Design as per MSS SP 81
  • Simple compact design and construction
  • Manual / Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Motorised actuation.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure : 150 psi
  • Hardened beveled gate and hardened seat for shearing and sealing Close tolerance machining between bodies Precision ground gate Removable insert ring for ease of repair.